Soul Contact!

One thing I’ve come to appreciate over the last decade or so, living a life dedicated to yoga, meditation, and personal transformation, is that my soul’s path forward feels more and more like a high octane free fall than a daily grind with spiritual how-to’s and shalt-not’s.

The deeper we travel into the unknown, seeking out our spiritual treasure, our personal bliss, the more we have let go and surrender. A scary thought if you really follow it through to its conclusion! The very foundations, structures, habits, and routines that serve us in the beginning must be abandoned (transcended and included) if we are to reach higher soul octaves.

That’s where the free-fall comes in. We learn to slow down our senses only to watch our life’s service speed up. We learn to soften our mind only to have new truths cut in more sharply. As we expand our awareness, we make room for bigger mysteries we can’t understand. The more centered we become, the more pressure we must learn to balance and sustain. And as we learn to lift our heart up high, our weighty soul descends, bringing with it great and noble purpose.

I remember once waking up in the middle of the night with every cell in my body screaming FEAR! It had been a rather ordinary day. There I was, panting, sweating, pumping adrenaline, a thick fear coursing through my veins, taking its time, every organ and cell in my body participating. I tried all my spiritual tricks: breathing exercises, meditation techniques, visualizations, mantras, exercise, distraction… nothing “worked”.

What I had been doing for months before that night was pushing myself to a higher threshold of soul-connection. Several points in my life have been characterized by spiritual plateau: that feeling you get when you’re just a little too comfortable for your own good. It’s a subtle thing, but knowing your spiritual zone of proximal development is one of the keys to having spiritual breakthroughs at will.

If you crave greater soul connection… you have to be ready for it when it hits! That probably means purging fear, shame, guilt, doubt, judgement, negativity, and bias. Fear, I’ve come to realize, is merely a threshold space we move through when we bravely surge out into the unknown.

Purifying bias (often simplified as “likes and dislikes”) is especially key when moving through these spaces. Psychological bias, rooted deep within the subconscious, takes serious work to root out. Yet spiritual bias, often sitting comfortably out in the open, can be far harder to navigate and far more impeditive to long-term evolution.

High Octane Spirituality = Soul Perspective / Minimizing Personality Bias x Maximizes Fearless Expansion. You might call this the art and science of the quantum leap. Clearing out psychological cobwebs and surrendering spiritual definitions can be tough work… yet hardest of all is alignment with the ruthless, methodical, steady, forward-rhythm of the soul. It wants to grow, and it never sleeps!

When you ask the soul to descend, to reveal and remember and reconnect, it will expect you to make room. We may be prompted by our inner guidance to think and act in ways that appear strange, foreign, even irrational. We may get sick, develop mental friction, or find neurotic ticks taking hold if we don’t actively follow through on our spiritual ambition.

However, if we can (and we must!) find our alignment to the preference-free, evolution-focused perspective of the soul, our spiritual development can suddenly increase at high velocity. The soul is free to move as it truly pleases. The adrenaline still comes, but not from fear… thrill after thrill of exhilarating freedom comes as we learn to make soul contact!


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