A coincidence is a meaningful connection between events that are not related by linear cause-and-effect. 

Some of us treat coincidence as a good thing: luck, serendipity, fortune. Others fancy coincidence as curiosity: strangeness, paranormal, anomalous. Some may fear coincidence: stigma, taboo, paranoia. There are others, however, that believe that coincidence is part of a universal law silently governing our lives: the law of synchronicity. 

According to Carl Jung (psychology) and Wolfgang Pauli (quantum physics), traditional linear cause-and-effect relationship is only one of the governing forces that determine how and why things happen. In fact, cause and effect is really only the tip of the iceberg, the crest of the wave.

A does not simply cause B, which then causes C. Rather, thousands of C events around the world are happening. Your own C phenomena is just one facet. Furthermore, event B may happen in the future, perhaps causing event C as much as caused by it. Meanwhile, event A may have happened long before or long after C and B, or it may be only an invisible potential, yet just as real and influential as physical events.

This is how the universe looks under the hood. Synchronicity is the law of relationship–for everything in the universe is related to everything else. This is the quantum mechanics of unity. So you see, A cannot cause C–not alone at least. What an arrogant thing for A to think! 

This has staggering implications for our spiritual lives, especially when contemplating identity, karma, dharma, and reincarnation.

There is no reason to believe that our next or previous lives will be sequenced in orderly linear time. Our karma may in fact come to us “now” from the future, and our life purpose may in fact be an amalgamate of past, present, and future decisions and intentions!

But lets get grounded in the now and make this practical. The following is a user-friendly guide to living synchronistically. 

Synchronic living is all about living in sync with unity, without getting distracted by the past or anxious about the future. When we meditate, sing or dance or paint, hang out with animals, take a deep breath, gaze at the stars… our body knows what to do. We enter into direct relationship with the eternal now. Voila! Synchronicity!

Imagine living life on synchronic time instead of the linear one you’re familiar with. In this imaginary world, meaningful relationships re given top priority, regardless of whether they make sense to your mental mind. Your synchronic to-do-list, instead of saying something like “groceries at 2pm,” would read more like: “some kind of nourishment happening at 2pm, two times today, between two people or places, and/or between two (meaningful) unknown sources.”

Sorry mental mind, synchronicity might not seem practical to you. It means living life on the lookout for spiritual connections, not merely physical expectations. It involves deep listening and sensitive awareness to the flow of energy within the moment, not only mental logistics and planning and strategy. We still need to be practical in our relationships, just not too practical.

Currently, I’m traveling in Findhorn on my way to Glastonbury. I’m traveling with a synchronic itinerary. Our group gives priority to meaningful relationships as they emerge–on their time, not ours. (We haven’t missed a flight or taxi yet!)

The striking face of a new friend, unusual melody in a passing word, hidden beauty in a scene or object or passing color, coincidental meetups, sudden chaos… these are all red flags for intuitive perception. It takes great courage to give these things priority over our mental scheming and figuring.

Although I came to Findhorn for a workshop, I’ve decided instead to spend time with new friends. After spending time with some new friends, I’ve decided instead to spend most of my time walking the beach, poking around in the gorse, listening to the ocean, meditating with sacred energies here.

This is what speaks to my soul, and what my soul speaks to me.

If we do not take the time to learn synchronic communication–the soul’s language to the human personality–we find the cause-and-effect relationships around us dominating our mind, kicking us around, always rushing us for time…

So here’s my synchronic to-do list:

  1. Open heart to life’s wonder and magic
  2. Steady, sensitive inner listening
  3. Courageous action when intuition hits
  4. Gratitude and recognition of anything received

The great thing about my synchronic to-do list is that it never changes, yet it’s always accurate and in-time! I’ve never finished a day with any items on my synchronic to-do list unfinished. It also calms down my nerves and makes life feel more sensible, orderly, and safe.

I still make my linear to-do list, but it mostly just lives in my back pocket. I try not to ever take it out. 

This might be a quantum leap for some (actually, it literally involves quantum phenomena). In any case, the way the world is changing, getting faster, appearing more chaotic… the mental mind is doing us less and less good.

So give synchronic living a chance! Play with it and see how living life according to meaningful relationships, not merely past events and future anticipations, changes you. It’s one of the best ways to engage directly in the moment, to live “once and for all” in the Eternal Now.

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