Lucky You

Content is not, as Bill Gates once famously stated, king. Context is the real king, and it always will be (quantumally speaking). How you choose to see your world, your path, your actions, is everything. How you choose to see yourself and humanity as a whole, in fact, is your legacy for us all.

Context can make the difference between truth or dogma, world brotherhood or xenophobic fascism, spirituality or sectarianism, love for the loving or love for the thing, integration or exclusion, intelligence or intellect, enlightenment or psychological dithering… It can make the difference, right now, between hope and hopelessness. 

The world today may be dangerous, but I assure you it is not hopeless. In fact, we live in a precious era full of rich, colorful opportunity the likes of which Earth has never seen before.

The danger is not in guns, germs, or steel, but in fatal ideas. You are alone. The Earth is not safe. Others are out to get you. Humanity is greedy and destructive. Your vote doesn’t count. Your dreams don’t matter. Love isn’t real. Your efforts aren’t needed. These are very, very dangerous ideas to be playing with right now. I’m not talking about suppression or repression, I’m talking about perception and creation.

The most dangerous idea of all: you are small.

The antidote?

  • Bigness, playfulness, spontaneity, fun.
  • Do something new and creative every day.
  • Better yet, think something new every day.
  • Use new logic, new perspective, new connections in the brain.

Innovative perception and revolutionary thinking send shock-waves out across the world that can topple dictators, unsettle institutional dogmas, and wake new hope even in the darkest regimes of ignorance, greed, and closed-minded perception. The most direct way to change the world is for every person to take up the mantle of their own spiritual responsibility to create.

It is our responsibility to transform, to join others on an endless journey of personal and collective evolution, becoming ever bigger in our ability to perceive and exchange with greater, more expansive, diverse, rich, galactic realities.

Every human being on Earth today is surrounded by an incredible tapestry of knowledge, well-being, and enlightened capacity. Within the last 100-300 years in particular, there have been a steady stream of higher-caliber souls incarnating on our planet. They have gifted us their archetypes, innovative dreams, perception frequencies, and (though far less important) their organizations, personalities, and words.

I am talking here about saints, sages, spiritual masters, revolutionaries, scientists, social change agents, titans of industry, pioneers of spirit, and philosophical and metaphysical giants. We spend so much time these days focusing on petty politics. It’s enough to make one ashamed of being human–but again, we must be vigilant in our defense against smallness. 

To be human is a great and galactic thing. Certainly there are those among us wishing to make that definition small, linear, confined, slave-like, insignificant. And when a spectacular individual does walk among us, perhaps marked for greatness from an early age, the first thing we usually do is to dim their light. Most of us even do this unconsciously or unintentionally with our personal heroes, teachers, gurus, and role-models.

When we confuse the teacher for the teaching, the teaching for the spirit, the spirit for the experience, the experience for the obligation to take innovative action, we unintentionally dim the light of humanity’s potential greatness.

When we see greatness in others, it means we are ourselves great. As others evolve, we evolve too. This tension, this tug of war between individuality and collective beingness, is what humanity and Earth is all about.

Our galactic specialty is not war and greed but catalytic growth.

Humankind will not make it if we cannot realize this essential, core paradigm shift: knowledge, wisdom, love, innovation are universally rooted. Those that are great are great in the perceiving. They are not so great themselves. Even a diamond-like personality is not so impressive in the long run, but what they leave for humankind, in the ether, is worth fighting for… and to fight is to remember, to synthesize, to scale the greater whole.

We immediately contaminate (more often pollute) our collective progress as a species when we mistakenly believe the individual is great, and cannot see their greatness lies in the effort to directly perceive their truth, essence, or innovative reality. It is that obligation to directly perceive for ourselves, of our own volition, that we labor at today, calling it truth-seeking, the spiritual path (as if there was another path!), or hiding it behind other religious, philosophical, or personal ideology.

You can’t have enlightenment and eat it too.

You either dream of enlightenment with words, beliefs, religious and spiritual terminology, familiar anecdotes and creative metaphors, poems, scriptures, psalms, fragmented experiences, initiations, techniques, fond dreams and memories… or you eat it. You plunge stark naked into cosmic reality without presumption, expectation, or condition. To experience cosmic consciousness is not so hard. You only need to let go of absolutely everything–material, social, psychological, spiritual– and think One Thought. From that One Thought comes a hundred-thousand new inventions, new techniques, new colorful realities.

And whatever anyone tells you, your spiritual beliefs and practices will be the most dogmatic ones you carry. They are the last ones to go. And they fight like a cornered tiger before they finally flee.

It is our mission, should we choose to accept it, to make a new commitment today to perceive dynamically, directly, without dogma. To see humanity as a singular, holistic, evolutionary life-form; to define it by its highest whole, not by its dark or light fragmented oppositions.

In making this commitment we join an elite group of true human beings. To take such a vow is to invite revolutionaries, pioneers, and visionaries to walk beside you, work within you, and conspire on your behalf.

Imagine a station constantly broadcasting the most inspirational programs about everything positive and uplifting you are interested in. On these shows great men and woman from history and present time speak directly with you–they encourage you, share their gifts, teach you what they’ve learned from life, even whispering their secrets.

At some point you realize these people are you. They are your subconscious programming, they are showing you your own collective archetypal resonance, the frequencies which determine your daily thoughts, emotions, ideas, vision and perception.

What if you could wake up every day feeling completely surrounded by innovative and creative enthusiasm? What if your interests in life were not just the daily-dos, family and friends, and your own beliefs? To learn the name and study the vibration of a person is to open a portal to their archetypal resonance. In this way, without memorizing any facts, one can become an expert receiver and perceiver in science, philosophy, politics, history, metaphysics, geometry, poetry, psychology, spirituality, and community building.

Over time, you can choose to build up your own inner programming to include a wide range of powerful heroes and heroines. This is one secret to leading a life of vigor, focus, youth, value, and proper context.

If we are unhappy and uninspired, it is merely because we have become provincial, insulated, and alone.

If we choose to perceive greater human realities, our friends, family, teachers, and communities benefit too–we are connected. The healthiest ecosystems have the most diversity, and human diversity is all about synthesizing a wide range of perspective and perception. We must have diversity of thought and feeling, far far beyond the dichotomies of “good and bad,” “spiritual and material,” “east and west,” “republican and democrat.”

We can choose, if we really want to transform our self and the world, to surround ourselves with a vision of the richness, aliveness, and greatness of humanity as a whole. To swim in that each day is to “take back” what it means to be human–what it means to be alive.

This isn’t mere “enlightenment” as some strategic psychological hypothesis or spiritual escape parachute… Perceiving greater human context is a way to co-create a global re-calibration. Each individual decision to perceive a new and better timeline for life on Earth adds resonance into a quantum mass effect from which a better future can arise spontaneously. This bright future, if we truly make our inner transformation and direct perception a permanent priority, can arise immediately.

What makes a person great for me is when I carry them inside and feel them there, 24-7, silently making me great.

Their straight lines and deep curves and swooping spirals add to the spiritual blueprint of my higher self. This is an inner geometry I draw upon daily to forge higher thoughts, more cultivated feelings, and brighter ideas.

At first, we may want to worship those that appear magical, cosmic, intellectually and spiritually superior. As we grow, we recognize them instead as older brothers and sisters. Finally, we see these beings as ourselves, merely wearing masks of time, space, and perception that temporarily separate our sameness.

There is no greater way to systematically dim, dismantle, and diminish a guru, master, or pioneer than to worship them!

People become increasingly less impressive as they are idolized, pedestaled, worshiped, and narrowed by “spiritual” understanding of their personality, deeds, and consciousness. These beings come to show us our own greatness, individually and as a human collective, not to have their own family and friends estrange them!

Most people worship because they lack scientific effort and creative imagination. It takes much less energy to worship and imitate than it does to become.

Our own efforts to create, innovate, and perceive for ourselves are our human legacy. Every contribution and effort becomes energetically, vibrationally, archetypally available to us all. Future enlightened “beings” will be small groups, communities, and collectives that capitalized on this informational availability.

Context! If we could recognize humanity, the earth, its mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, and the spirits of nature and life as one sentient constantly evolving being, we would no longer experience the inner friction of “spiritual beings having a physical experience.”

We are spiritual beings having spiritual experiences! No one tells us otherwise but our own inner conviction. There is no enemy but the one we choose to harbor inside, in our DNA, telling us we are small. So be big, think your own thoughts, and dream a dream of humanity that sails far out among the stars. 

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