How Must God Be?

Imagine a big circle. Now fit a triangle inside, as big as the circle will allow. Inside the triangle, add a square. There are multiple ways to add shapes, and there aren’t really right or wrong ways to fit them in.

Inside the square, add a pentagon. Inside the pentagon, add a hexagon, then a septagon, then an octagon and, finally, if you’ve got enough room, squeeze a ten-sided polygon inside.

Congratulations! You’ve just built a universe.

Actually, if this where a real universe, our objects would be a little more dimensional: a decahedron instead of a decagon, or a tesseract instead of a square, or fractals instead of corners, or spirals, strings, and spin instead of boring lines…

But let’s use our flatlander universe since it helps us understand why it is easy to prove how God is and notoriously impossible to prove why God is. When people try to give proof of God, they mistakenly frame the argument with a Why instead of a How. And when howing something we must be very careful with our dimension, perception, and language–else the what will contaminate our thinking.

As Einstein famously did not say: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” (he did say something similar in a telegram regarding the creation of the Atom Bomb).

Now let’s imagine little people inside our little decagon, building 10-sided civilizations, making 10-sided art, looking through tiny 10-sided telescopes, wondering about the vastness of their 10-sided-reality.

It is likely at this point that mighty 10-sided cathedrals have been erected, in honor of the Lord of Ten. Some philosophers argue: ten is meaningless! The universe just added us into existence by statistical accident! Other philosophers argue–ten is sublime! The universe has crafted a perfect creation from a beautiful alchemy of decimal intelligence!

Atheists soon arise, citing how much war and discord is being created by the supposedly benevolent Lord of Ten. Ten-sided Popes and Zealots then react, promising violence against anything that is not precisely allegiant to ten. Politicians take advantage of the free energy, secretly harnessing humanity’s fear and strife while openly inciting great decahedral division.

Some people just sit around counting there toes and fingers… there is something comforting about counting to ten after all.

A few rogue scientists and Himalayan yogis leave it all behind, retreating to their exoteric and esoteric laboratories, respectively. They are less concerned about 10 and much more concerned about 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

A few heretics even speak of Zero… in hushed tones of course. In secrete circles they exclaim: just imagine! ten without a one! A few even speak openly of such things, however they are quickly imprisoned or executed.

How did our decahedral universe get so violent?!

Every human being, and humanity as a whole, only has so much energy at its disposal. We get X amount of personal gravity, electromagnetic influence, strong and weak interaction. A great yogi once said that even our heartbeats are determined mathematically at conception–our bodies pass away when our last heartbeat beats.

Why then, do most people go through life beating their fists, beating their heads on hard objects, beating down their brothers and sisters… over what?

As long we continue to divide in argument over what the magic number is,  instead of uniting in the quest to discover how to better understand all numbers… we’ll forever be stuck in little decahedral prisons. There really is no way to prove what God is. We can only get better at proving how God is. 

For the nonagoners in the dimensional reality directly beyond our own, we must look pretty silly, fighting over who’s right instead of joining together to discover, once and for all, what is. We’ve missed the point, in fact, of being in an even sided reality, with a base of 2, which is to learn to cooperate in harmony with all opposites.

Geometric metaphors aside, let’s remember that we are in a quantum universe, where consciousness has a direct and correspondent effect upon itself, endlessly. If you believe that God is a white-bearded man on a throne in the sky (sorry Zeus), you are actively creating that reality for yourself and your fellow white-bearded believers.

Whatever your belief or non-belief in God or Reality is, you may be waiting for quite awhile for the cosmos to acquiesce to your demand. Our 10-sided reality is infinitely patient, and will allow its citizens to create as many shapes, patterns, and motifs as we like. Perhaps we will, eventually, grow tired of creating on our own, preferring instead not to demand at all, but to ask.

Telling God what “he” is in a quantum universe is not a sound strategy. Perhaps its interesting from an experimental perspective. Yet, when we look through a telescope, through a Hadron Collider, or “look” at the universe through mathematical formula, we still cannot really see anything beyond what we expect to see, beyond what we are consciously and subconsciously capable of seeing.

Great truth-seekers always ask. They get really good at asking, in fact. They don’g care about proving anything–they’re too busy getting answers!

Enjoying, appreciating, listening are the hallmarks of higher asking. It may sound rather subjective, but receptivity is a necessary scientific apparatus when experimenting with an ontological universe, a universe that is forever in motion.

Great human discoveries are more likely to come in flashes of insight, dreams, and sudden bursts of epiphany and connectivity. Then we apply our method–to distill and discriminate and experience as best we can. Finally, we speak to the thing we “discovered,” listening to it in motion, appreciating and enjoying what it is becoming. This is the science of attunement, and a technique for transdimensional awareness.

This is the art of Howing (and the end of Whying as we know it). Great pioneers are always getting better at howing, at getting better at getting better at howing. Meta-Howing might indeed be a future spiritual science.

If we were to reframe our lives on higher dimensional prerogatives–started seeing through the eyes of nonagoners, octagoners, sceptagoners… even through the eyes of one–we might realize as some saints, sages, and scientists have: there is no “good” or “bad,” only greater-than and less-than directionality.

It wouldn’t matter if every human being on Earth today suddenly woke up and agreed on the same thing at the same time in the same way. We could save the environment, revolutionize education, end all war! It wouldn’t matter, because new problems, new dilemmas, new wars would quickly start again if humanity’s thinking was the same.

Coming together and cooperating is important, but it won’t automatically free us from our dimensional limitation. We will continue to have unsolvable problems. We will continue to argue, fight, and war over who’s right and who’s wrong.

The way to solve problems is to expand thinking until the problem no longer exists. Over time, one won’t even be able to see problems (or solutions). The way forward will spontaneously arise wherever one looks. Religionists will see scripture, scientists will see evidence, politicians will see power… someone using higher dimensional logic, however, will directly perceive the movement of creation.

I assure you this isn’t an intellectual exercise or theoretical belief system. It’s actually a very raw, real, primordial “technique.” It isn’t only science, nor is it only spirituality. You can call it an ontological necessity, or humanity’s higher dimensional survival instinct if you like.

I encourage you to go out and experience the world and yourself in it with a new prime directive: get better at howing, get better at perceiving perception, get better at going forward without any awareness of problems and solutions. Meditation, contemplation, and reflection are certainly helpful–but ultimately the act of free will, to actively choose to live in a greater superconsciouness flow, is what counts.

My fellow decahedroners, get out there and start asking people, places and ideas how they are! You may find yourself quickly transported, even with your daily-dos, to greater and greater dimensions of possibility and potential.

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  1. ecohorizons says:

    The kingdom of God is within us .We are not separate from God because we are individualizations of God.

    God is formless, unconditioned , infinite, timeless , spaceless, shapeless and descripable . God is all that is and beyond . God could be , do , or have all that is and on extraordinary spiritual level or supernatural level of consciousness we could .

    This reminds me of a book called to be or not to be …


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