Don’t Be Here Now

A famous neuropsychologist once said, “You are seed planters of new realities, whether you like it or not, whether you are conscious of it or not.”

Everything you think and feel goes down on your permanent record. In the East, we might say this is part of your personal akashic record (perhaps also what you “review” at death). In the West, early biologists were interested in morphic fields, and geneticists today are still experimenting with morphogenics: fields that record, organize, and negotiate vast amounts of biochemical, electromagnetic, DNA, perhaps even quantum data.

Many spiritual teachings also talk about the nature (or delusion) of time. Be here now is a popular spiritual slogan, and a wise one too. To be fully in the present, paradoxically, feels timeless. In any case, slowing down to live sensitively in each moment generally makes life feel more sane. On the other hand, mastering daily projects and relationships requires a certain mastery over time.

How to be a time wizard? All the productivity apps, todo lists, and secretaries in the world can’t help you break through into the future. At best, they merely accelerate the rate at which the present can stay in touch with ever-changing future realities. Yet, because these methods are still linear time-travel strategies, they often fail to keep us “in sync.”

Living in the synchronic flow, or the art of spiritual timing, is one way to stay connected to the great past-present-future field of information and energy. Synchronicity is a basic law that, if used rightly, can make one suspect the entire universe is conspiring on their behalf. Conversely, living out-of-sync can make one feel paranoid, insecure, and generally unsupported by life circumstances.

There are also many strategies and “secrets” to manifesting future realities in accordance with desired outcomes. Often they are watered down, sensationalized, or simply over-colored by belief. The truth of the matter is, the human body itself is fully equipped to work with past, present, and future realities all at once. It just takes a little awareness and a few new habits of thought.

The first thing to do is to unlearn what you know about time. Instead of a time line think of a time landscape. Time is like a mesh of synchronic circuitry extending in all directions. It is not a uniform, but more like a diverse ecosystem with various moving interrelated parts–some fixed, others mutable, others interactive, perhaps even intelligent!

If enough thought, emotion, focus and direction are applied to a specific point (nexus) in time, an action or event may take place. In fact, many actions can take place, while many other actions will not. Depending on your vantage point, or time line, or nexus point, or what you’re expecting to see, actions and events may look different. In this way reality is often colored or qualified many times over before it shows up as a physical phenomenon.

The most important thing when understanding time is to learn to identify with a feeling of unlimited possibility. If you can absorb your identity in a great sphere of infinite potential, you are ready to create in the future, redefine the past, or side-step the present, “jumping” to other points in time.

The only real secrete to time-travel is the same secret to all life: consciousness. If you identify strongly with a result, it is more likely to occur. If you doubt, there will be too much psychospiritual static on your apparatus to manifest effectively.

So, after you’re feeling pretty infinite, pretty unattached, and like there are no more rules reality must obey others than those you call into being–you’re ready to be a time wizard.

There are three modes of consciousness to step into when manifesting in time: thinking, feeling, and being. 

First, think of something you want to happen, when you want it to happen, how you want it to happen. Get specific and hermetically seal your vision from contamination of doubt, vagueness, and conflicting subconscious currents.

Second, put some feeling into it. Color it with emotion, with desire, with a dream, with dynamic will, with actual color and frequency; sing to it, dance with it, give it a beat or make it rhyme.

Finally, embody the reality you wish to create. Absorb yourself into the thinking and feeling so strongly you know that reality has collapsed into the present. Hold and breath as long as you can. If you’re good, you might even be able to go about your day, day after day, holding that reality in place.

This is also a good way to sensitize the inner nervous system, which also happens when we meditate, contemplate, and breath deeply.

There are many, many other techniques, visualizations, energetic practices you can add, but ultimately working with time is really simple (in fact, the more complex things get, the more potential interference there may be).

One such technique is the Huna prayer. Another involves using a chakra, for instance the solar plexus, as a point to manifest from–then to connect with and “embody” the same chakra of your future self, in which manifestation has taken place. Many techniques involve an affirmation, a decree, a prayer-demand, or some strongly positive declaration. An understanding of spiritual forces and metaphysics can also be key.

What all technique have in common is repetition. Repeating the technique a few times each day for a short period, and once in awhile more deeply with sustained attention, can be effective. After practicing in this way repeatedly, real magic happens.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is a general softening of human perception regarding time. Our physical senses, in fact, can be trained to detect anomalies, opportunities, influences, and nexus points. Deja vu, tingles, hair standing on end, heightened awareness, and other “time alerts” can be trained and taught to better navigate time-in-real-time.

One of the most powerful ways to use our time wizardry concerns enlightenment, or  generally higher states of consciousness. This has to do with the inevitable fact that we will one day be much wiser, more expansive, and more cosmically-connected than we are now.

Manifesting our future self in the present can be a powerful way to make quantum leaps in personal consciousness and perspective. Of course you might also experiment with manifesting more positive results from your own childhood! In this way, it might be possible to change memories, personalities, and life circumstances.

Finally, this can be a powerful way to “pray” for the world. You can connect to enlightened futures, manifest higher realities for certain situations (war, violence, natural disasters), and uplift your friends and community.

Fellow time wizards, experimentation is most important. If we don’t practice, and practice with commitment and discipline, we’ll forever be stuck in the present, barred from the past, and left anxious about the future. So ditch the productivity apps (or most of them at least), and start living the synchronic past your are living in the future, today!

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