Healing as a Byproduct of Creativity

Recently a videographer friend of mine said to me, movies are just a byproduct of being creative. It was an ah-ha moment for me because I paused and recognized how very many things in life we think are important, but are merely byproducts of our creative flow.

A byproduct is: 1. a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence. 2. a product made during the manufacture of something else.

That new shiny car you want? Making peace with an angry coworker? A winning project at work? That special relationship you want to attract? Healing chronic back pain? Finding your next spiritual step? All merely byproducts!

Higher forms of creativity, and especially harmonious co-creation, is really the only “product” the universe is interested in making. It’s not called creation for nothing. Galaxies, stars, planets, life–just byproducts of the grand experiment: endless cosmic cycles of new ideas (consciousness).

As above, so below. Human beings, earth’s bridge species between the physical and etheric, are also innovating creator beings. It’s what we do, and it’s what we are supposed to do with each other, with nature, and with the spiritual forces we are always connected with.

All along the way we discover absolutely wonderful byproducts: health, happiness, wisdom, abundance, love, enlightenment… The greater we are in alignment with our co-creative nature, the more effortless, rich, and inspiring is our creative flow.

Recently I launched a new healing practice, wanting to share some of what I’ve learned about healing as a spiritual byproduct of creativity. I’ve noticed over the years that when I’m working with somebody on a healing project, the greater the level of creativity and innovation, the quicker the healing takes place on the physical plane.

I know this lesson all too well from my own healing journey. Several years ago I started having sharp, excruciating pain in my lower left back area. One moment I’d be feeling fine… exercising, traveling, hiking… then suddenly I would collapse into a ball of puddy and pain.

For years I ignored it. Then I labeled it, diagnosed it, treated it with countless medications and modalities. I grew more and more frustrated, expecting it to heal, willing it to heal, and yet it never seemed to get much better. Eventually, I decided to do something totally different, totally creative.

Instead of trying to “heal” I decided to explore, discover, and learn. I wanted to spend the currency of my pain to buy new knowledge, to make disorder a resource I could tap. Instantly I felt more relaxed, and I learn to use that relaxed feeling to get deeper insight and greater perspective.

I learned to dive deep into the heart of my personal pain: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual memories of separation, sadness, longing and frustration. All disease is holographic–you can learn absolutely everything about wellness from deeply studying one kind of  illness.

Initially my pain actually increased, responding to my sensitized awareness. It “spread” (it was there already, I just didn’t want to feel it) down my left leg and up into my shoulder and neck, even into my jaw and eye on the left side of my body. Yet I was patient with it like a lover. I went where it lead, learning deeper and more profound things about myself, human nature, and the universe that no book or school could ever teach me.

Then, quite mysteriously, the pain went away completely, replaced by a general sensation of numbness. Most of the left side of my body felt energetically frozen and physically tight. Also, my body started to speak to me again after years of silence. It knew it could trust me again–that I would really listen. At first it gave me only one message: now we are ready to really heal!

I began to experiment more intensely, more creatively, integrating modalities, synthesizing new possibilities, inventing my own personalized techniques for healing. My notebooks probably looked like a crazy person’s. I continued this with dedication, learning more and more, until the greatest miracle occurred: I became so enthusiastic about learning and discovering and inventing that I forget I had anything at all that needed healing!

Yes, the left side of my body, my back, my neck (and many other aspects of my overall health) dramatically improved, but these were merely byproducts. Other fantastic byproducts: my energy increased, my memory was sharper, my speech came more naturally, and I started having great breakthroughs in meditation.

I became more sensitive to energy, to intuition and dreaming, to different states of consciousness. The friction I used to feel in everyday life transmuted into a great flow of synchronicity and mysterious connections. It was much like waking up from a kind of hypnotic spell in which I realized an ancient wisdom about my authentic nature as a human being: love to learn, live to love, leap over limitations and laugh at horizons. 

Everyday I remind myself that the universe is interested in creating only one kind of product: spiritual growth. 

This is essentially the same way I work with reiki, energy healing, tarot, divination, astrology, and some of other modalities I’ve created. The goal is not to “heal” anything, but to co-create a strong spiritual flow of energy that becomes unstoppable. If the flow is dynamic, rich, vital and sustainable, healing inevitably happens.

But really, healing is the least of the creative byproducts in life. The personal power, love and passion, intuitive awakening, and cosmic enthusiasm for life are far more valuable ingredients. These too, however, are merely stepping stones as we learn to reorient our life around spiritual evolution.

Healing is the art and science of deep listening to the universe evolving. When we walk through a forest or a desert, the landscapes around us are intensely listening. The trees, in particular, are master empaths. They know precisely what is happening, what needs to happen, and what will happen. Of course, they hardly lift a finger (a root?). The power of energetic healing is listen so profoundly that the creative genius of the cosmos bursts forth.

In ancient times, healing worked this way. Someone living out of tune with their own truth became unwell. The solution? Return that person to their own creative, vital, spiritual flow.

We are always on one healing journey or another. This is a curious idea to ponder! Even masters, angels, and cosmic creator beings travel on healing journeys–if not for themselves, then for those they love, or perhaps for whole planets, solar systems, and galactic sectors!

Now we’re talking about some pretty big byproducts! In this way we learn to see our life, and all life, as an endless flowing tide of evolution. The waters of life pull and push us, back and forth, making us beautiful, smooth, and round. We are free, if we choose, to roll effortlessly, enjoying with ever-greater clarity our own scintillating individuality, brilliant talents and gifts, and other wonderful byproducts of being beings in an endless creative ocean flow!


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  1. Shammah says:

    Wow! Thank you for writing so eloquently what it is I have been doing and feeling. I too take every twinge or pain or discomfort as being like the Lord knocking on my door to get my attention to delve in and find the revealing truth. I concluded that He is gracious in showing me via experience the healing powers of the human form: Physician heal thyself.

    I copied this from your blog because of the truth filled impact it had on me.

    >>>I learned to dive deep into the heart of my personal pain: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual memories of separation, sadness, longing and frustration. All disease is holographic–you can learn absolutely everything about wellness from deeply studying one kind of illness.<<<

    Thank you 🙏🏻

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