Multidimensional Citizenship

Have you ever been deeply moved? A beautiful relationship, a powerful speech, a moment in meditation, a work of art, lightning and thunder, a field of flowers, a hopeful dawn?

Well, where do all these things move us to? For what reason do these life moments, sometimes subtle in their meaning, have the power to take us deep inside, to a place charged with profound definition, direction, and purpose?

Some dreams are ordinary, others are impossibly real, so much so that upon waking, they have the power to change the course of our life. Similarly, when we fall deeply in love, it’s as if a veil lifts: the world is impossibly bright, more colorful, hopeful, rich with new flavor. Some experience in life, often when we feel effortlessly creative, playful, and relaxed, have the power to reveal creation’s hidden gems (though perhaps “hidden” in plain sight).

Yet why are these experiences somehow inaccessible except in special states of consciousness, when our emotion seems to overflow and, in doing so, create portals to other dimensions of perception?

What if you could learn to access these places, and their wonderful dimensions, from where all life’s deep meaning and true purpose draws its nourishment? What if even exalted epiphany and sublime ecstasy where not moods or even states, but where actual places you could visit whenever you wanted?

Some people call this place the astral realm, the causal realm, the threshold, the collective unconscious, the realm of gods and angels, lokas where the devas rule and play, and many other names besides. There is so much to discover in our vast inner-verse! The good news is, we can all discover for ourselves, and we already have plenty of practice traveling to many of these “invisible” realms.

In truth, it is impossible to have an emotion (energy in motion) without accessing our essentially feeling-based quantum field. Every time we perceive, in fact, we create energy in motion. This is why when we have a dream, use our senses, have a conversation with a friend, etc. we are constantly accessing and contributing to a multitude of realities.

Every perception is a conversation with reality, and our physical one is but a small part: vast worlds of energy and thought, and their natural citizens, are all part of the conversation. When we love, relax, rejoice, see clearly… all experiences are co-created realities, with tremendous interactions (help) from the energies, forces, and intelligent beings of many subtle realities.

In many myths and stories, the spirits of nature play with humans, helping them fall in love, playing tricks on them (presumably to teach them lessons!), and experimenting with human emotional nature. Angels appear in many religions, whispering revelations in the ear of a prophet, a heroine, or a humble wanderer on a great adventure. And how many artists have a muse–some intangible force coming of its own accord, striking up a symphony of creative energies in motion.

When we sit and meditate, or pray or chant or sing or dance for spirit, or reach up to God, where do we go? Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say, what do we invite to share with us here? 

There are many, many planets in our galaxy teeming with life–this seems obvious, but of course we can’t see them can we? It would be a little strange to say, ostrich-like, that they don’t exist because we can’t seem them!

The same is true with the “invisible” dimensions folded in spacetime all around us. Unlike our ancestors, we have somehow lost our subtle senses, understanding, and ability to commune with greater realities and the elemental builders of form.

Many of us still remember this connection, perhaps only in our myths and dreams, and yet we still seem to carry a profound fascination with magic, with angels, with cosmic states of consciousness, with unseen forces interacting with our world.

Some people fear these places and their beings, even calling them dangerous or untrustworthy. It’s true, actually, there is a danger anytime we interact with subtle forces… but not for us, for them!

Humanity is the most unstable, potentially dangerous force we should be aware of on the physical and subtle planes. Our fear, trauma, self-judgement, hate and greed and lust… these feed the ethers and its elements with negative qualification. What happens on the physical plane is only a small part of what we manifest.

When you hope, identify with a higher reality, have a good dream or meditation, these things actually create uplifting structures in other dimensions and nourish positive, intelligent forces therein. In this way, an artist’s art or politician’s words or leader’s example–if charged with positive perception–can literally and perhaps dramatically reshape our reality.

The real war for future civilizations is not being fought with guns and money but with emotion: each day we fight to feel more deeply, to focus our life-force upon bright dreams, to nourish our brightest dream with intelligent play and powerful creativity.

Is there anything more powerful we can do, as an individual, than to cling to a positive reality, thought it seems (stubbornly) unable yet to manifest? Is there anything more dangerous we can do, for ourselves and our planet, than identifying with smallness, helplessness, and hopelessness?

When we suppress something deeply, a trauma or fear or aspect of ourselves we are unable yet to face, it easily manifests in the body as disease. As above, so below: the ethers are also filled with manifestations of unintegrated psychospiritual maladies.

If the energies of our planet become too polluted with negatively qualified emotion, we might find that when we reach for help, for inspiration, for love, for spiritual upliftment, for expansion, for our muses and devas and nature spirits… we find instead only our collective worry, angry fear.

This is why meditation, powerful art (of any kind), intense play, and spiritual ritual can be so powerful for our planet and species. These things charge the ethers with uplifting forces that our collective consciousness must reckon with. Every time we use our energy to create something with greater value for society, we clean the ether of debris and waste and pollution.

Each of us has a special connection–and a body, identity, and life force–associated with these subtle dimensions. Each of us has a responsibility too. We all have a duty to find ways to sensitize ourselves to our higher nature, the subtle realms and forces, to learn more about ourselves by participating in and co-creating with a greater, unified reality.

As I said earlier, you’re already doing it! I notice that when I read Tarot or work with Reiki, each of us has a sort of “landing platform” on the subtle planes. You go there when you meditate, pray, dream, contemplate, paint, dance, fantasize… This landing platform is a place you have been given, and have chosen and created, where you can exchange with masters, devas, angels, and subtle forces.

Tarot, and other energy work and divination practices, sends powerful, uplifting currents through this space, clearing it and announcing to the subtle forces that positive spiritual action is about to take place.

In the instance of the Tarot, the cards themselves take on an aura from the person’s subtle characteristics, synchronic possibilities, and spiritual intentions. Many healers like to “run energy” in this way, as just increasing the flow of vital current can produce rather impressive results.

Tarot cards allow the subtle forces to speak, for the language of the astral and causal planes is not a communication of words: symbols, emotions, direction, rhythm and light “speak” volumes. Whenever I draw the Tarot, it’s in motion, it buzzes and froths and statics like an alchemical soup. The cards themselves become portals into our subtle relationships with larger cosmic realities.

Many of these subtle forces, believe it or not, are us. Often our guardian angels, devas, guides, masters, and benevolent spiritual forces are actually aspects of our greater cosmic identity. This can be a part of our reality that is not yet connected in time, space, and dimension to our current one. Many of these forces are eager (perhaps even impatient) to work with us more directly!

True spiritual growthor the full-spectrum expansion of one’s identity and reality, is critical if we want to remember what it feels like to be big. To include greater spiritual realities, to give them territory on the physical plane, requires us to shift our perspective and sensitize our awareness.

The truth is, we are the ones that are invisible. The angels, devas, masters and cosmic forces are connected through a network of light that easily exchanges thoughts, emotions, action and strategy. We are the ones that are cut off from our cosmic family. Something has severed our left-right brain connection, making us feel trapped and unsafe in our body and on our planet, hypnotizing us to feel limited by human experience and obsessed with “right and wrong”.

To become reconnected, reunited, re-membered we must take back our cosmic identity. We need new myths and practices that change what it means to be human. Many people today continue to feed their realities–their physical bodies, the planet, and the subtle planes–with discordant life force. We are all fighting in this war, the real war behind all outer wars: the fight for influence over the collective conscious of our species.

So pray for the planet, call to the devas to return, rekindle a burning passion for enlightenment, sing to the nature spirits, create and paint and dance with the muses, command your life’s activities with the authority of the gods, and leave tender offerings of love and devotion everywhere: flowers under an oak tree, whispers to a dream, crystal clear happiness in a busy place where these forces have been forgotten.

You will find, if you would but experiment a little more, there are many universes of perfect love gently pushing-in just behind your daily thoughts and feelings, wanting only to bring a little more light into this strange world we are all dreaming together.



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  1. ecohorizons says:

    You are not only a drop in the ocean ir a particle in the universe , you are also the ocean in the drop and the universe in a particle on a high states of consciousness …


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