Holographic Activism

One of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal is our power to believe. Whether it’s a thought, emotion, attitude, political affiliation, identity attribute, spiritual goal, relationship, personal fear, or global dream… what we believe we make true for us.

Actually, belief in this regard is our only ability. Consciously or unconsciously, it is our ontological steering wheel. Conversely, the only real threat to our existence, a happy and successful one that is, is to (consciously or unconsciously) let someone or something else steer believing for us.

Belief itself is not that remarkable. Much like rocket fuel sitting in a tank in some test laboratory, belief on the pages of a book or suspended in conversation among friends in a cafe is relatively inert. But once we choose to metabolize our directed emotions, to believe our beliefwell, blast off!

It is not our hands and feet, nor planes, trains, or automobiles, nor even our own willpower that moves us through this universe. Our only vehicle, as sentient beings, is our identity. To move identity is to move ourselves through life. Should our identity stop moving, we may float on with momentum, or find ourselves being pushed and pulled between the orbital energies of others, but essentially we are stuck.

Many people readily understand the law of attraction, but few take it to its inevitable conclusion, or take the time to look under its hood, to see the mechanisms inside this law that make it work.

Essentially it is this: your identity is your own holographic navigation computer. To make changes to this operating system is to make changes to the universe itself. Our personality and self-definitions, our archetypal relationships and spiritual resonance, our sub-personalities and subconscious programming, our desires, fears, hopes, dreams, limited and unlimited reasoning… we struggle to experience the cosmic source code as universal beings.

In the spider’s web after the rain, holding its reflective dewdrops, each sphere reflects reality from its unique perspective. The dewdrops also influence each other: what we choose to create, or reflect, in our own lives is instantaneously present in every other atom of creation.

But what is creation, and what creates? A simple and practical way to break down all universal principles and cosmological consideration, especially in relation to human identity and our daily decisions, is to say that all creation operates on four simple ideas. This isn’t heady ontology, as we experience these four holographic ideas in simple ways every day:

The Bare Bones of The Universe

  1. Vibration, or the experience of tension between two opposing polarities
  2. Time, or the experience of change between two opposing moments
  3. Space, or the experience of separation between two opposing spaces
  4. Atoms, or the experience of individuality between two opposing realities

What role does tension, change, separation, and relationship have in your life? I’ll bet you didn’t realize that each day you go to work for the universe! It is our job, as with the galactic and solar spheres, to help move evolution along, expanding the essential blueprint of life in everyday sort of ways.

And this brings us to the final idea in the equation…. you! That is, your identity, the magical “fifth element” of creation. We might break down your essential ingredients too, but that could take awhile (and a lifelong practice of self-discovery, meditation, contemplation, sincere truth-seeking, etc.).

Then again, what makes perfect health and happiness, riches of all kinds, true love, or enlightenment appear like such hard work? If we see ourselves, and our universe, according to its principles, not only our own, we just might relearn our ability to alter the very source code of creation.

Let’s do a bit of reverse engineering, shall we? In this way too we can greatly expand our belief of what it means to be human. Call it a kind of universal empowerment, or cosmic attunement, or reintroduction of true human potential. It goes a little something like this:

The Bare Bones of Your Identity:

  1. Evolution, or the experience of cooperation with vibration and tension
  2. Synchronicity, or the experience of cooperation with time and change
  3. Communication, or the experience of cooperation with space and separation
  4. Relationship, or the experience of cooperation with atoms and individuality

I bet you didn’t know you could cooperate with the atoms, did you? I like to joke that the reason most people don’t like to follow popular spiritual beliefs to their inevitable conclusions is that it just takes to much time to pronam every rock, tree, gust of wind, scrap of metal, and drop of water… yet that is what we conclude, ultimately, in the holographic universe: “every atom in creation is inextinguishably dowered with individuality,” as  Paramhansa Yogananda put it.

In any case, the “bare bones of your identity” is a simple way to heal your spiritual dissociation complex, or in general terms: you experience of not being enlightened!

But wait, don’t you have deep relationships already? Don’t you know how to communicate? Aren’t you honoring already those special coincidences that herald intuition, epiphany, revelation, inspiration and breakthrough? Isn’t growth, learning, and innovation important in your daily life?

Again we return to our fundamental human pivot point: belief. Will you choose to believe that these experiences in everyday life are, in and of themselves, an act of holographic oneness? Or are these mere human, mundane experiences simply physical plane necessities, part of that nagging contract our physical bodies have with being alive?

What will you choose in each moment? How deeply can you choose? How might you more clearly, more consciously participate with evolution, synchronicity, communication, relationship? How can you make tension and diversity, change and creativity, separation and respect, individuality and authenticity extrasensory, not merely ordinary experiences?

Certainly we make these choices with our actions, in the way we choose to treat others and ourselves. But this is where it gets a little weird, a little holographic, a little more like quantum nonsense.

In the holographic universe, our actions, decisions, movements, changes, circumstances, opportunities are all instantaneously correspondent. That is, they happen with each other, not because of each other. Literally: I Am, therefore I think… I think, therefore I choose to believe… I believe, therefore I act, move, change, create, attract and repel.

It would appear that our quantum universe wants us to put the horse before the cart. Our physical reality is merely an instantaneously correspondent reflection of our core identity. (If we have no core identity, lacking individuation and harmonious, cohesive perception, we do not yet get a “reality vote”/strong physical reflection.)

How to Change the World According to Holographic Activism: 

Step 1: Become an individuated human being.

Step 2: Take responsibility for your cosmic purpose in shaping the universe.

Step 3: Use identity a vehicle to manifest new and greater realities.

Easy, right? Well, the good thing about the holographic universe is that you can skip steps, or rather you can work with all steps all the time.

So, let’s skip to enlightenment, or the ability to use our enlightened attributes and enlightened potential to cast a powerful “holographic vote” on this planet.

Now we need to step-up our believing and learn to believe in extraordinary, activated ways. The reason belief is so powerful is that when we hold an idea as true it sends an unequivocal message to the rest of the universe: and so it must be. The universe, our greater holographic companion self, faithfully obliges.

On a personal level, to decide that something is true sends an unequivocal message to our core identity–the clearest, most coherent complex-center of intelligence we have yet cultivated identification with–and so our choices, our attitudes, our archetypal grooves, even our actions must oblige.

In reality, our inner identity and our “outer” holographic universe synchronize instantaneously. The difference between a partially manifested semi-influence and an immediate, full-spectrum reality change is the force and conviction of our belief.

If our belief (in this case, our ability to consciously identify with a new reality on all levels) is effective, rather incredible phenomena begin to take place… Yes, if you want to start a business, make more money, attract a soul mate, heal yourself, or awaken your divine potential, you will certainly generate in your own life effective relationships, synchronic opportunities, and dynamic action to manifest your goal.

Yet more fantastic is what happens to the rest of the universe! Other people around you, as holographic agents, and in fact all consciousness, energy, and matter, immediately begins acting on your behalf. They are, like you, generating new direction, new opportunity, new action, to manifest your desire. It just tends to look more “magical” when it’s not “you” doing the doing!

It’s easy to see why we might become paranoid, depressed, or shutdown if, as holographic beings, we seed with strong emotion our ontological neighborhood with negative belief structures. Indeed, be paranoid! If you are sabotaging yourself inwardly, the universe too will be “out to get you”!

In my own experience, one of the first signs of a universal magnetic response is that other people begin spontaneously using the language of your desire in everyday conversation. For instance, if I’m manifesting–through a strong belief that what I desire is true and therefore must be–a new project, the first thing I’ll notice is that other people around me start voicing the words I have languaged my new project in.

Then, others around me will begin having the same idea, the same creative vein, the same enthusiasm for the project’s larger vision. When working on the project itself I notice that I often experience a boost in positive coincidences, Goldilock-like situations, and unexplainable creative flow. We can cultivate our “holographic sense” to further cooperate and attune with manifestation as it emerges.

I also find that those I work with naturally get along better, forge deeper friendships, and end up communicating in surprisingly meaningful ways. I also notice that, for myself and others, our project and teamwork challenges our evolutionary potential: to think in unlimited ways, use nonlinear logic, to face collective shadows, to keep an integrity to communal codes.

I’ve also seen–believe it or not–that when I generate powerful, world influencing beliefs (you can call it a “world prayer” if you want) in my own consciousness laboratory, that news broadcasters, strangers in the supermarket, and events around the world sync up and cooperate with my belief!

Spiritual vainglory? I suppose it might be except that, according to the holographic rules, it is ultimately unclear whether have influence the world, or the world has influenced me. More realistically, my own world prayer has synchronistically happened with many other world prayers which has synchronistically happened with actually changes in the world.

There is, unfortunately for our mental mind, no cause and effect “figuring it out” beyond the emotional and material planes. Cause and effect, in our new age paradigming, is a great spiritual excuse to be forever battling “suffering and delusion”, instead of actually participating with a brave new world already arrived.

There is no “effect” as we know it, no “hard work”,  no “big spiritual payouts” here. Holographic credits are valuable, you’ve just got it adjust your invoicing. Holographic currency, both its cost and payout, is individuated experience. We’ll see in a second just how valuable this is… In a grand sense, the individuated human is the ultimate currency in all cosmic affairs.

But what is it that charges our belief such that it can actually trigger global synchronic events? What is it that individuates a person, a planet, a series of events?

There is a whole art and science, and what appears to be a lot of serious personal development, to bringing a multifaceted nature into a responsive, sensitized cohesion. At a higher level, we can practice playing the holographic game with its own currency, but in the beginning its much easier to use a simpler, more readily available ingredient…

The language in this guide primarily speaks to emotion. If belief is the fundamental rocket fuel we need to speedily navigate ourselves throughout the holographic universe, emotional intelligence is the ability to craft the right propulsion chemistry. Belief charged with emotion–passion, hope, love, fear, hate, agony–can become a catastrophic explosion or a highly effective catalytic actuator, depending on our EQ.

Whatever you believe about emotion, we might all readily admit that it has the power to move us. Whether emotions scare us, call to us, represent spiritual taboos, or sit squarely upon our chosen path to self-mastery, emotion is humanity’s critical alchemical ingredient. We may try to steer our lives with lofty attitudes, spiritual principles, and enlightened philosophies, but ultimately e-motion means: energy in motion. 

You may have 1,000 spiritual beliefs and 10 authentic emotional beliefs, but at the end of the day, as you drift into slumber and your archetypal roundtable of mental citizens, subpersonalities, and higher and lower selves meet… what do you suppose they will actually debate? 

The trick of course is to make our 10 authentic emotional beliefs close enough to your 10 most strategic spiritual beliefs. Then emotion becomes our greatest ally, when we fall asleep, meditate, communicate, create, or act: we unleash energy in motion that catalyzes both inner and outer transformation.

Be glad you live in this holographic superself, even though it may feel a little upside-down at first. As an activist, there is no need to ever worry if your everyday beliefs and emotions are changing the world–if they change you, the world changes too.

There’s no surer way to tell, says our reciprocally correspondent universe. Conversely, you may consider how much power you really have, when society, the media, governments, religions, corporations and the like tell you what to think or feel: your choice to belief or not to believe really matters. Literally, what you choose to believe shapes vibration, time, space, and matter.

Many people don’t realize how exciting our era is today, how rich with new possibility and new potential. We live in the Wild Wild West of a holistic, integral, holographic revolution. Literally every mote of society and industry will need to be rediscovered and redeployed.

So pioneer on, cast your multidimensional vote, and take time (and space, vibration, and matter) away from ordinary thinking… be a holographic activist and do your part to individuate a greater evolutionary potential for us all.

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  1. ecohorizons says:

    Reblogged this on Economy Horizons and commented:
    This is like the power of intention as riding the wave of luck or blessings that are infinite and more than enough for everyone to ride and flow with the flow regenerative transformation.

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  2. ecohorizons says:

    There is like the observer effect in quantum physics . The observed object is influenced or change by the energy of the observer …
    Sure , sometimes , holographic activism is not always continuous action but free flow through relaxation and allowance or the surrender . Creatures receive the sunlight and air freely and effortlessly ( with little inspired action or not )…


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