A DYI Guide to Reality


One of my favorite all-time expressions is quantum leap. For some it may be a well-worn idiom or just a casual phrase, but the concept of leaping on the quantum level has fascinated me for years.

This leap combines the biggest possible step forward with the smallest possible amount, and somehow means total breakthrough: revelation, innovation, revolution, or transformation beyond imagined possibility.

In some metaphysical tradition it is said to travel across the universe requires only three steps. One step for physical matter. One for space. And one final leap for time.

In fact, our brains might be hardwired in this way: our reptilian brain (basal ganglia), mammalian brain (limbic), and logical brain (neocortex) are theoretically designed to help us navigate material desires, complicated relationships, and finally time itself: memory, anticipation, foresight, hindsight, dreams, desires, fears, promises and an endless stream of expectation…

Quantum leap is also an expression which captures life’s Eureka! moments. In the shower, in meditation, walking in nature, playing, relaxing, being creative… epiphanic experiences, that perhaps engage all three “steps” of brain and reality, tend to launch us forward in evolution by leaps and bounds. By comparison, step-by-step linear achievement appears incredibly slow, inefficient, and far less fun!

These two paradigms—the quantum leap vs. the logical step—signify two different approaches to evolution and reality. Perhaps in practice they are complementary, and certainly in daily life they are interdependent, but ultimately these two approaches to reality are diametrically opposed.

To grow by the rules of the old paradigm requires strenuous effort (to overcome the limitation of matter), abundant money and resources (to overcome the limitation of space), and long periods of determined strategy (to overcome the limitation of time). You can see already how most of us, according to this version reality, are destined to achieve  only a fraction of our true potential…

Most people on Earth simply cannot sustain wellbeing, positivity, or happiness according to the rules of this reality.

The quantum leap represents a more efficient, pragmatic, and appropriate approach to life. Greater goals and higher potentials are more easily in reach, and this new paradigm only requires two ingredients: transformation and synchronicity.

We are now working with realities’ raw alchemic nature. Again our mystic sages and scientists speak of three fundamental worlds: matter, energy, and consciousness. Newtonian psychology, which we have been thoroughly steeped in, teaches us to use matter to experience energy, to use energy to explore consciousness, and to imagine identity as a byproduct of brain function, sensation, and perception.

What a strange philosophy we find everywhere on our planet, which teaches us to pull our horses with our cart! It is no wonder so many of us feel disillusioned, isolated, unsafe, buffeted by life’s chaos one way or another… we are literally approaching reality backward.

Imagine a fish looking for the ocean, swimming upstream—or up a waterfall perhaps, not only heading in the wrong direction, expending all its energy but for a little progress, but also missing the whole point of life’s grand adventure and great fun!

This flip-flop can be remedied not by some grand spiritual revolution or cutting-edge scientific breakthrough (although certainly these can catalyze change)… If there is a revolution coming, it is a do-it-yourself one. There are no systems, philosophies, or religions necessary: this is about you getting right with your reality.

Here’s how it works:

Step One, Transformation: the fundamental building block of all creation is identity, or self. To be able to change your identity at will is to influence and exchange directly with the very forces of creation.

Step Two, Synchronicity: the fundamental vibrations and motion of all creation are correspondent in nature. To be able to move with and be informed by synchronicity is to change in harmony with all life, creation, and existence.

Actually, we’ve skipped a step, but in the quantum universe our order of operation isn’t always relevant, so we’ll be okay. In order for these steps to work effectively, there’s a ongoing dynamic that requires attention:

Step Zero, Expansion: size is everything, actually, and what we call perspective is like a “speed limit” or threshold barrier for our consciousness. To be able to change your perspective at will is to instantly overcome the limits of matter, material sensation, and the mental mind. Needless to say, without sufficient expansion our ability to transform and synchronize will be missing the resources necessary to initiate a quantum leap.

Time to Do-It-Yourself:

Let’s use the example of desiring more money. Or, if you like, you can substitute financial freedom with any type of success or outcome, intention, or dream.

0. Expand potential for making more money: explore what being totally rich feels like. Research dream jobs, fantasize about lotteries and mysterious inheritances (seriously), visualize big job promotions, new opportunities, bank statements with huge deposits… explore what being rich is really about—experience spending all that money, and having what it buys. What new emotions and new desires emerge as you become richer and richer? It is said that Tesla would design, build, test-run, modify, then market machines in his head before he ever began his projects on the physical plane… That’s the general idea here: create a desired outcome in the ether, where resources and dimensions are unlimited by form.

1. Personal Transformation: what will you change about yourself to be as rich as you need to be? Truly, we have no control over anything beyond your own self, but assuming we can first expand our potential to a sufficient degree in step zero, we may now find we have tremendous influence over our reality. You can think of step one in two ways: the first is that you will need to “do the work” of making sure all of your unconscious and conscious forces are united upon the intention of having more money. The second is that you are using personal transformation as action, with material consequences. In this way practicing identification with intensity creates vibration: or oscillation, amplitude and displacement of physical resources. This approach is far more effective than traditional “actions” which generate money. The trick of course is that, if done correctly, your desire for money will become synchronized with much larger realities, creating for you both more money and whatever other “riches” you truly need.

2. Synchronicity: now the easy part—pay attention, listen deeply, have fun, flow. Really, that’s it. If you desire hard work, tests, trials, and tribulations… well, you’re welcome to manifest those as well, but that’s your business. Once a quantum leap has been initiated, our job is to sensitively prepare our self to be steered into exactly the right place at exactly the right time in exactly the right way.

Obviously this is a simplified, streamlined formula for what might work most effectively for you (i.e., do it yourself!). But there you have it, a bare bones approach to multidimensional, cosmic participation without any heady religion, technical science, or cultural dogma.

But what’s that? This is just more spiritual theory and won’t work in real life? In fact, if that’s what you’re identifying, you’re right!

To graduate into quantum citizenship requires that you update your definition of what is real. Strangely, most people will excitedly benefit from new paradigm technology like quantum communication and processing without ever considering that, at the heart of who and what they are, lies quantum technology infinitely more advanced than anything we can imagine.

Scientists must design tests and explore probabilities in their laboratories, and so too must we approach our personal reality with a sense of experimentation and principled eclecticism. Most people live their whole lives without ever once realizing they can innovate reality.

It’s also worth noting that the degree of success one has participating within a new paradigm is dependent upon one’s ability to transcend outdated models.

Perhaps this is why so many religions, disciplines, and paths exist—the quantum ingredients never change, but we remain stubbornly addicted to form. Many of us feed off of form, rather than essence directly, becoming bound by the very freedom to identify that might otherwise make us masters of our own destiny.

But with a little training and openness to update one’s belief systems, anyone can quickly learn to practice the leap. In fact it’s imperative that enough of us learn to do so… Our planet needs more quantum operators proactively seeding higher collective potential.

Imagine that whenever you share time with a friend, look at a stranger passing by, or listen critically to someone speaking, your choices begin to have disproportionate influence over larger environments and whole interconnected webs of people, places, events, and possibilities.

Working directly with “consciousness on consciousness” can affect whole timelines. Our appreciation, creativity, and imagination draw together vast synchronic potentials—or prevent them. Our behavior, choice, and thinking become critical ingredients not only for our own development, but for our planet’s.

So act accordingly! In fact, you might imagine that one of the “ring pass nots” of being a quantum wizard is to have a clear, active, benevolent intention for the planet, not only for oneself. This ring, or step zero in the equation above, asks us to unconditionally include vast realities beyond our own.

A good daily exercise for heart and mind is to practice identification with our planetary self, and perhaps also with its evolutionary aims and goals. Take a few minutes, or longer if you can, to imagine that you are the Earth itself: your bones, muscles, and movements become continental plates, ecosystems in flux, oceans and skies flowing upon and into each other without end.

Every city within you is merely a subpersonality, every culture a passing thought, the hopes and dreams of whole generations are your emotions, and entire civilizations rise and fall with your breath.

What would such a “superindividual” desire? What would be its lessons? What might it dream? Fear? Secretly long for? What might it do for fun? To play?

This kind of simple exercise is an excellent way to “increase our speed limit”, to stretch our identity threshold, especially if we learn to imbue our imagination with powerful emotion. One might also practice experiencing solar, galactic, or universal identities. One might even practice being time or space itself.

Of course there are many gods and goddesses, angels and demigods, myths and stories which allow us to experience these realities as well…. Only most of us have forgotten their purpose and power in this regard.

One final note—nowhere does the quantum leap become more relevant than in our own human development. In this way the quantum leap might offer us insight into generating a sustainable rhythm for personal evolution that utilizes proactive breakthroughs instead of responding incrementally to life’s lessons as defined by a limited spacetime perspective.

If we choose to, we can soar boldly across quantum horizons, utilizing growth potentials unbound by the dimensions of both traditional physics and orthodox society.

So, go experiment, have fun, and keep it real!

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