My name is Kamran and I am an educator experimenting with new formulas for awakening individuals of all ages, stages, and backgrounds. I currently teach at the Expanding Light, supporting and catalyzing the spiritual adventures of individuals from all over the world.

Education is my passion and for the last decade I’ve searched the world and all its wisdom traditions, practices, philosophies, and subtle truths in order to better understand great mysteries and new solutions. Life, evolution, human nature and soul purpose are all emerging in new light in this, our strange and complex meta-modern age.

I am excited to be a part of something that I consider a true spiritual revolution: powerful frameworks to transform timeless truths into practical solutions, forge new spiritual alliances, and reestablish humanities direct link with spirit. New paradigms await those with the courage to dream, dare, and act.

New definitions of spiritual mastery, of enlightenment, of spiritual community have emerged. They are sitting within us and around us, there for the taking!

In this age of formless form, our philosophies, paths, affiliations, traditions, and techniques give birth to something new. Yet, to utilize these powerful new tools, we are asked to “update” our thinking, our feeling, our understanding of what it means to be alive.

Those that take this quantum leap of faith will find not only new perspective and understanding, but new approaches to generating concrete, sustainable change on our planet. Solution to our most difficult problems are easily discovered and applied, but first we must learn to change the very fabric of our reality.

At the core of the new reality is the realization that there are limits to what we can achieve only as long as our we remain isolated, insulated, and exclusive. It is time for us to forge new spiritual alliance across nations, communities, mythologies, philosophies… for individuals to stand up and become a living light network.

It is that network that creates not only love and world brotherhood, but the planetary brain from which higher evolutionary thinking, feeling, and intuition engenders.

With great joy, I am eager to meet with past, present, and future friends at the crossroads of humanity’s highest octaves and most vibrant frequencies!

In Love and Light,