Retreat Programs

The Universal Upward Path

is a series of retreat programs, hosted by Kamran Matlock, an educator and spiritual teacher who experiments with formulas for awakening individuals of all ages, stages, and backgrounds.

  • Awaken higher octaves of your spiritual power
  • Vitalize your spiritual identity and catalyze new personal breakthroughs
  • Connect deeply with the heart of life, with the earth, humanity and all creation
  • Experience growth as an upward direction: an endless spiral of cosmic consciousness, new paradigms, new spiritual strategies for uplifting global consciousness

Yogic Leadership and Community Building

Use spiritual power to support and protect your family and friends

Next: Friday, Mar 15 – Sunday, Mar 17

Use dynamic consciousness to transmute suffering and difficulty into new solutions and unlimited possibility. Unleash leadership potential by learning to empower vibrations, ideas, and relationships at will.


Sustainable Spirituality

Unite the soul’s inner journey with life’s outer challenges and demands

Next: Friday, Apr 19 – Sunday, Apr 21

Learn the fastest way to grow, to have personal breakthroughs at will, to catalyze your life-purpose and invoke higher frequencies of love and wisdom.


Cosmic Attunement: Vernal Equinox

Illumination, Balance, Rejuvenation, New Life

Friday, Mar 22 – Sunday, Mar 24

Tap in the healing heart of Earth’s awakening life force vitality. Dive deep into physical and spiritual rejuvenation: awaken spiritual gifts, insight, inspiration, guidance and support from the spiritual forces all around you.


Cosmic Attunement: Summer Solstice

Clear Karma and Call Forth Your Greater Purpose

Friday, Jun 21 – Sunday, Jun 23

Take advantage of Earth’s brightest moment to cosmically attune: align with the Earth’s powerful force of rising evolution to empower your own journey to cosmic consciousness


Cosmic Attunement: Autumn Equinox

Ground, Rejuvenate, and Cultivate Intuitive Abundance

Friday, Sep 20 – Sunday, Sep 22

Learn to awaken and harmonize your inner senses, to co-create with nature intelligence, to live with greater attunement with Earth’s natural power and cornucopia of abundance


Soul Activation

Awaken Inner Power and manifest the life you were meant to live

Next: Friday, August 16 – Sunday, August 18

Cultivate your unique spiritual gifts and embody greater attunement with the heart’s higher nature. Awaken inner senses, increase lifeforce, learn to harness and express divine power in every moment.